10 Incredible Gifts for Gamers

Gifts for Gamers

The holidays are supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. But sometimes, choosing presents for others can be a real challenge. Is there a hardcore gamer on your Christmas list? Don’t stress — Easynews has you covered with these 10 gifts for gamers!

Game Consoles

PlayStation 4 Star Wars Bundle – $475.00

PS4 Star Wars Battlefront Bundle

A first gaming console is an excellent option for the young (or young at heart) gamer in your life. Of course, you’ll want to find out which system they prefer, be it PlayStation or Xbox. If it’s PlayStation, then this special edition Star Wars console would be a welcome addition to any Star Wars fan’s entertainment unit. It includes a customized Darth Vader console and controller, as well as a physical copy of the Star Wars Battlefront game, digital voucher codes for four additional Star Wars games, and a headset. Looking for something other than Star Wars? Check out these other bundle deals.


Xbox One Halo 5 Bundle – $449.00

Halo Bundle for Xbox

If you’re buying a console for someone who prefers Xbox, you may want to consider this rare edition. The Halo series is one of the most popular gaming franchises of all time, and the newest edition is a must-have for Xbox users. Included in the Halo 5 bundle is a customized Halo console and matching Spartan Locke wireless controller, along with the following:

  • Spartan-themed SteelBook
    • Contains a digital download of Halo 5
  • Xbox headset
  • Warzone REQ Pack
    • Includes 14 Premium Requisition packs
  • FOTUS-class armor
  • A multiplayer emblem
  • 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold.

If you’re looking for something non-Halo themed, check out these other bundle deals.

Game Accessories

Turtle Beach – Ear Force Elite 800 – $299.00


PlayStation Headset

Headsets make the online gaming experience come to life, allowing for interaction between players. For the PS4 gamers in your life, this headset by Turtle Beach would make a great gift. With surround sound, noise cancellation, mic monitoring, and Bluetooth capabilities, you won’t find a better headset on the market.


Turtle Beach – Ear Force Elite 800X – $299.00

Xbox Headset

For the Xbox gamers in your life, a headset is still a great gift. Try this one, Turtle Beach’s Xbox version of the PS4 headset above.


PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Star Wars Controller – Darth Vader Edition – $64.96

Darth Vader Controller

If your loved one already has a gaming console, that removes the need to buy a bundle. Fortunately, bundles can be unbundled, like this custom Darth Vader Controller. Or if you’re looking for a hint of nostalgia, try this PlayStation 20th anniversary PS4 controller.


Xbox One Limited Edition Halo 5: Guardians Wireless Controller – $69.99

Halo Controller for Xbox

Similarly to the PS4, the Xbox bundle pieces are also available separately. So if you don’t want to go all-in on the Halo bundle, you can still buy the cool customized controller. Try this Special Edition Lunar White controller on for size if you’re not feeling Halo.

Gift Cards

PlayStation Gift Card – $10.00 – $100.00

PlayStation Gift Card

If you want to buy your gamer a game, but don’t know which game to give, a gift card is always welcome. This gift card will come in the form of a code, which will be used in PlayStation’s online store.

Xbox Gift Card – $10.00 – $100.00

Xbox Gift Card

Just like the PlayStation version, this Xbox gift card will be redeemed online, where users can download games and other content directly to their console.

Gaming Subscription

PlayStation Now – $99.99

For PlayStation users, a unique gaming subscription service is available. At the cost of $100 a year, users can gain cloud access to an array of titles, such as the Batman Arkham series and Mortal Kombat. For a full list of available games, check here.


USBCell Rechargable AA batteries – $19.95

USBCell Rechargeable Batteries

This gift won’t apply to PlayStation users because of their controller’s internally built battery pack, but for Xbox users ready to binge play a new game only to find that their batteries are dead, this gift is a godsend. These batteries can be recharged, so when one pair dies, you can have another ready to go.

Have an idea as to what else a video game enthusiast would love to receive this holiday season? Post it below!