Easynews Member Area Gets an Upgrade

Updated: 4/2/2015

Easynews Members Area

We’ve been hard at work redesigning the ‘under the hood’ stuff that makes the Easynews members area work. Since the earliest days of Easynews, we’ve maintained critical interface data (Preferences, Zip Queues, Favorites, etc.) in custom formats stored on NAS appliances. As the years have gone by, and as our service has grown, the architecture of this data has increasingly become a bottleneck in many ways, and has been a major source of outages and headaches. Upgrading our back-end storage systems will enable Easynews to provide better quality of service to all of our subscribers.

Easynews has begun the process of moving all of members.easynews.com (both the vintage and 2.0 members areas) to a new system. Between Wednesday, April 1st and Friday, April 10th, Easynews subscribers will automatically be transitioned to a set of upgraded servers. This update does not require any immediate action on your part, however your zip manager queues will not populate automatically. If you are interested in importing your old zip manager data into this new system, click here.

Want an early look at the new Members Area?

Classic (Vintage) InterfaceClick Here
2.0 InterfaceClick Here


While the Easynews interface and user experience that you’ve grown familiar will not be changing, we are informing you of this update so that any lingering errors associated with this migration are reported early-on. Any bugs or other feedback can be sent via e-mail to dev@easynews.com. This will create an internal ticket in our system that we can use to track issues to resolution. When contacting us, please include your Easynews username so that we can credit you for your efforts.

The feedback we’re most interested in involves these features:

  • Preferences
  • Zip Manager
  • Favorites
  • Management of Saved Searches

Thank you in advance for your help and participation, and thanks for using Easynews!

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  • hi i have been trying to get on easy news. i get to my page with my password etc thats already typed in. i click on it and i am not able to get to my main page where i do my searching. what should i do. i was on my page earlier today with no problem

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