Easynews Pro Tip Challenge

Easynews Pro Tip Challenge

Last year, we challenged our subscribers to allow savvy Usenet users to showcase their expertise of Easynews Global Search by sharing advice with other users. We wanted newcomers and veterans alike to get the very most out of their Easynews experience. Within two weeks, over 500 tips were submitted and we are pleased to showcase the cream of the crop. No matter your experience level, these pro tips can help any user become an Easynews expert in no time. As a result, two documents were created that highlighted the accepted tips.

You can also download our tips here: Tips Version 1 | Tips Version 2.

Which tip is your favorite or what tips would you share with the Easynews community? Share with us your favorite or suggested tip in the comment section!

We Have a Blog!

Easynews is excited to announce a new addition to our website, a blog! As a requested feature from subscribers, this functionality provides us with a central location to inform our users old and new of updates and happenings with our Easynews service.

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