Mac and Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

We’re sure you have noticed that there are other keys on your keyboard besides those in the alphanumeric alphabet. But, do you know the powers of convenience that they hold? A Google survey reported that about 90% of computer users don’t use the CTRL-F function to search for a word – perhaps it’s due to not knowing that the shortcut exists.

A keyboard shortcut allows you, the user, to perform common operations on your machine quickly and easily, versus using the mouse through multiple windows and clicks. Between Macintosh and Windows operating systems, there are many control (or command) functions that can make you perform the same actions. Yet there are still different key combinations between the two and what actions they perform. Take a look at some of the most common keyboard shortcuts used on Macintosh and Windows computers and add them to your arsenal of awesome knowledge. There are many more than this list and we’re sure some of your go-to’s may not have made the cut. Share with us the keyboard shortcuts you use most frequently in the comment section below.


1. Command + W = Closes the current window.

2. Command + Shift+A (while in the Finder) = Takes you directly to the “Applications” available on your Mac.

3. Command + Spacebar = Opens the “Spotlight Search” allowing you to quickly search your Mac for files, folders and applications.

4. Command + Shift + Tab = Allows you to cycle through all of the different applications and windows opened on your Mac.

5. Command + Q = Gives you the ability to quickly quit your current application.


1. WIN + L = Allows you to lock your desktop.

2. F5 = Refreshes a page in your browser.

3. Alt + Print Screen = By using this key combination, you can capture a screenshot of the current open window. Then, using CTRL + V you can paste it wherever you like.

4. Windows + E = Open Your Computer to allow you to view your settings.

5. Windows = Displays or hides the Start menu.