Easynews Member Area Gets an Upgrade

Updated: 4/2/2015

Easynews Members Area

We’ve been hard at work redesigning the ‘under the hood’ stuff that makes the Easynews members area work. Since the earliest days of Easynews, we’ve maintained critical interface data (Preferences, Zip Queues, Favorites, etc.) in custom formats stored on NAS appliances. As the years have gone by, and as our service has grown, the architecture of this data has increasingly become a bottleneck in many ways, and has been a major source of outages and headaches. Upgrading our back-end storage systems will enable Easynews to provide better quality of service to all of our subscribers.

Easynews has begun the process of moving all of members.easynews.com (both the vintage and 2.0 members areas) to a new system. Between Wednesday, April 1st and Friday, April 10th, Easynews subscribers will automatically be transitioned to a set of upgraded servers. This update does not require any immediate action on your part, however your zip manager queues will not populate automatically. If you are interested in importing your old zip manager data into this new system, click here.

Want an early look at the new Members Area?

Classic (Vintage) InterfaceClick Here
2.0 InterfaceClick Here


While the Easynews interface and user experience that you’ve grown familiar will not be changing, we are informing you of this update so that any lingering errors associated with this migration are reported early-on. Any bugs or other feedback can be sent via e-mail to dev@easynews.com. This will create an internal ticket in our system that we can use to track issues to resolution. When contacting us, please include your Easynews username so that we can credit you for your efforts.

The feedback we’re most interested in involves these features:

  • Preferences
  • Zip Manager
  • Favorites
  • Management of Saved Searches

Thank you in advance for your help and participation, and thanks for using Easynews!

Easynews Love Letters Contest

Easynews Love Letters Campaign

Do you love Easynews? Prove it! Share your love for your preferred Usenet provider from now until February 25th by writing us a letter expressing your affections for a chance to be featured and win FREE gigs and a FREE year of Big Gig Access with Unlimited NNTP. Our favorite love letters submitted from existing subscribers will be highlighted on the campaign landing page and on our social media channels. Enter now!

Easynews Pro Tip Challenge

Easynews Pro Tip Challenge

Last year, we challenged our subscribers to allow savvy Usenet users to showcase their expertise of Easynews Global Search by sharing advice with other users. We wanted newcomers and veterans alike to get the very most out of their Easynews experience. Within two weeks, over 500 tips were submitted and we are pleased to showcase the cream of the crop. No matter your experience level, these pro tips can help any user become an Easynews expert in no time. As a result, two documents were created that highlighted the accepted tips.

You can also download our tips here: Tips Version 1 | Tips Version 2.

Which tip is your favorite or what tips would you share with the Easynews community? Share with us your favorite or suggested tip in the comment section!

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